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How To Be A Magician Kit

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How To Be A Magician by Ellusionist

How To Be A Magician is for everybody over 10.

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It's for Dads who want to do tricks for their kids.... dudes who want to impress their friends... and any person who wants to do a couple of 'killer' tricks at parties without putting a lampshade on their head!

The material is taught by real, professional magicians. We've hand-picked some of the greatest and easiest magic on earth to give even the newest beginner the appearance of years of practice and polish.

You will learn how to...

  • Make a card 'teleport' into a spectators hand
  • Vanish a borrowed coin 
  • A corner of their card disappears and appears under their watch
  • Stop your pulse at will
  • Make a signed coin bend in a spectators hand
  • Pretend to read someones mind
  • Look like an expert card cheat WITHOUT years of practice (or jail time!) 
  • Bite a coin in HALF, then blow it back together 
  • Make ink disappear and move around 
  • Pull a silk from a “hole” in the middle of your hand 
  • Vanish a cigarette - visibly 
  • Make objects move without touching them 
  • Teleport items into someone's hand


Included are some classic props: Thumb Tip, Foam Balls, Paddle, Cigarette Pull, US Bite Coin, Invisible Thread and Sharpie.

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    Recommend for beginners

    I enjoyed learning from this kit a lot, I’ve gotten quite a bit out of it and still have to finish learning what I haven’t yet. The props have been put to good use if you can brainstorm outside the box of what you get taught. The dvds were good on the teaching part and I like how they have the tricks organized so you don’t vet ahead of your skill level.

    Ellusionist U.

    This is an amazing source of information! Each trick is expertly broken down into simple steps almost anyone can understand. If you’re still a be beginner and want to add to your repertoire then I strongly suggest that you purchase this. You’ll be out getting great reactions from day one.

    Ellusionist U.

    This is amazing! It is for a person first starting out learning how to become a magician. The videos are good quality and all the tricks are explained well! All that is needed is to take the time to learn what they are teaching anyone can do it! Absolutely amazing I could not recommend it more!!!

    Ellusionist U.

    I think the kit is "ok". My main problem is the invisible thread. I recently just started getting into iet, and I love to perform with it, and I studied long and hard over thickness over it, the strength of it and the durability of it. And the iet that comes in the kit, is not considered invisible thread, if it's thick and black. I made a loop, and had it around my wrist, and I know that since I'm a magician, my eye might catch things other people won't, and so I looked through a mirror and put my arm far away from the mirror, and I could still see the thread. If I had a black shirt on, it's reflecting and you can tell there's thread. So all I ask is that if your going to make a kit that has iet, let it actually be invisible. And by invisible, I don't mean literally invisible. But hard for the human eye to see. I'm not going to perform the haunted deck to someone if they will clearly see the thread. And also don't put in the description of the trick that you'll be able to perform the haunted deck knowing the thread is visible. But other than that, the red balls are fine. The Sharpie is fine. Great explanation with the card tricks even though I already knew most of them. I do think that if your going to have a trailer where one of the guys bends the coin, that you put some kind of bent coin in the kit so people don't just have a bite off coin. In my opinion, "this is just my opinion" so many people know about the bite off coin already (even non magicians), and so I do kinda think that trick is a little old, but having a bent coin in there, would've been even better. I haven't gotten into every single thing in the kit, but all I know is I'm very disappointed with the thread. Mesika Thread is way better than this. Not even so thick. So if you fix your thread, maybe I'll give it 3

    Ellusionist U.

    I'm no master, not even a paid performer, but I know a good handful of tricks, I'm learning some cardistry, and my wife and family get a kick out of my tricks. My friends are aways amazed. I was hoping that with those involved in this kit, I would've gotten something more than a kids kit. With the exception of the Thumb. Which is too big. I've got small hands, and the thumb is made for an average full grown male. Kids are gonna struggle with it, most females any age- good luck, and those of us fellas with small hands... well- same. I was hoping that although some basic beginner tricks (that are mentioned upfront) there might be a few intermediate, and maybe an advanced or two. But, my 7 year old, autistic niece, figured out what was happening through over half of the tricks. And this was the first time I'd ever shown her any magic. Ever. So... yeah... I'm disappointed. Someone else also mentioned the "invisible" thread. Fishing line would work better than this black thread! Seriously, at least it's clear. This black thread is, well, BLACK- which is hardly invisible. Even with a black shirt- as the other reviewer mentioned. And I tried a black tee, and few different material button ups, AND a sweatshirt that has a gloss black print on it. Still it stands out. Now, I'm not even trying to rock that thread, but if I were, I couldn't. Misdirection can't help this problem. Well, I'm gonna put this back together nice and neat, and gift it to my previously mentioned niece. Maybe she can improve on the tricks.

    Step Into The Spotlight