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Stripper Deck Bicycle

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Stripper Deck Bicycle by USPCC

No Sleight Of Hand Required! An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to do a multitude of miracles. While easy for the beginner, advanced users still get fantastic use from these decks.

Imagine passing the deck of cards out for examination yet having uncanny control over selected cards shuffled into the deck!

You can:
- Make selected cards appear on the top of the deck like true magic
- Instantly produce the four aces
and many, many more!

Photo for illustration only, actual box may be different, generally using current Bicycle boxes.

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Bradley .
Canada Canada
A must for beginners

This is great for beginners! You can do so much with this deck it’ll be quite entertaining for even you along with your audience when you decide to go out and perform with it.

Penguin M.
It's Great!

The stripper deck is great! It's fully examinable, it's a normal deck of cards with just one very small detail that will increase possibilities by a million. You can do normal tricks. My fav trick with this that i've come across so far is where you separate reds and blacks into two piles, and shuffle em' together. And then you can actually fan out the deck and show them that it really is mixed together. Then you reseperate them almost instantly and unnoticeably. This is an awesome deck. Worth a lot more than what you need to pay for.

Penguin M.
Very good trick

Hey y’all This was one of the first tricks I purchased, ever in my days as a magician. Story: When I first got it I was soo exited that I had to show someone. I first showed my older brother, who said “do that again.” Me, being an inexperienced magician at the time, did so. He still didn’t get it. I did it over and over to my family and they didn’t understand how it worked. Yes, I did reveal it to my brother, (who wanted to learn magic at the time) and he really liked it. When I did it for my friend (also a new magician at this time) he loved it so much that he wanted his own deck =) Pros: 1. Fun to do, easy to learn, self-working. 2. Hard hitting. If you practice it and put it in a routine then it will hit hard Con: 1. Shouldn’t be done by itself. You should combine it into a routine to make its power come out. Perhaps an ambitious card routine? 2. The secret can be determined if you do it too much 3. Another deck…Yes, you have to carry around ANOTHER deck, BUT, it is worth it. On a scale of 1-5 (1=awful, 5=awesome) hard-hitting scale: I give it a 4. Buy it, it is worth it!

Penguin M.
Great Quality

The deck was cut excellently. I was worried you might be able to tell it was a trick deck just by looking at it, not the case at all. Also, this deck is extremely versatile. You can do countless tricks with it. The "trick/secret" is very easy and undetectable if done right. A must buy for all card magicians!

Penguin M.
Stripper Deck

The possibilities are endless with this deck. This deck is perfect for tricks in which you need to produce a certain card quickly. It's great because you can keep track of the locations of multiple cards at the same time without knowing any sleight of hand. I find that the only downside to this effect is that some people already know how it works. This is from my own personal experience. This deck is great for making flourish videos or for stage work where screens are showing your performance.

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