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Ignition by Chris Smith

Ignition is a key that can penetrate any borrowed object - a bill, a sugar packet, even a spectator's sleeve. Yet, when you rip the key out, there's no hole, no rip and no damage! You can pass the key and the borrowed object IMMEDIATELY for examination - there's only one key. They won't find anything because Ignition is a REAL CAR KEY that can withstand the closest inspection - even by a locksmith!

Ignition is always on you. When not in use, it travels inconspicuously on your key chain. The handling is so easy, anyone can learn it in minutes. There's even a quick start method that will get you performing immediately.

Ignition can be performed anywhere - surrounded. It's good for table hoppers, magicians on-the-go, and those spur of the moment situations when someone asks to 'see something'.

Ignition comes with access to an online instructional video that teaches 3 different routines:

  • Key through bill (even with plastic money)
  • Key through sugar packet
  • Key through shirt

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    Penguin Magic User



    Penguin Magic User

    Highly Recommended

    This is magic you have with you all the time. Completely organic effect with a key you pull off your key ring and a borrowed bill. Great teaching on the video. Alternative handling offered. No fancy moves required. Just some basic palming at a few points but that's it. It's quick, visual and also auditory. Creates a fantastic illusion that your specs will remember. Perfect for walk around/close up magic. Gimmick is made very well and should last years under normal handling. Great as a stand alone, one off trick or as part of a themed magic set with keys or money etc. If you do close-up and like magic you would have on you anyway, buy this now.

    Penguin Magic User

    Used all the time

    I not only carry this all the time but use it all the time as well. Little sleight needed, always end clean and examinable. Made well

    Penguin Magic User

    Best new trick I bought this year

    I recently got back into close up magic and was looking for a few good effects to add to my repertoire from 40 years ago. This is by far the best I acquired. At my gig there was one group of millennials that was ignoring me in my event walk around. I thrust myself into their midst, asked for a bill and did ignition. It blew them away. So glad I got it. At my first showing, among friends at work i lost gimmick. I immediately ordered a new one. With double the price any way.

    Penguin Magic User

    Easy to Do and Carry

    I like this much so I bought it AGAIN. I'll get to why in a minute. Anyway, I like it because it's something you carry with you all the time, gets away form a pen or sharpie or pencil *********** and really pretty easy to so. Does fool people and you get a great reaction. ONLY reason it gets a 4 is because I bought it about four years ago and used it a bunch and the main piece lost it's "magic property" (won't tell you what it is but you can probably guess). Not the extra piece you can buy for it but he actual key part which is weird I think. Anyway, if it wasn't good I wouldn't have paid full price for another one, I like it. My second one didn't come with the clip that it says it would come with which was a bummer but I just took the one off the old one I got and all is good. Again, a five star trick with just a "little" ding because I had to buy another one four years later but glad I did.

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