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In the Beginning There Were Coins

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In the Beginning There Were Coins by Jay Noblezada

Many magicians go their whole lives without ever unlocking the raw power of coin magic.

Some are intimidated because it’s pure sleight-of-hand. Some try to learn and get bogged down in complex illustrations. And some just don’t know where to start. This DVD changes all that.

In the Beginning There Were Coins contains THE moves and sleights you NEED to know, taught in the most clear, direct, and simple way possible.

If you’re looking for every single variation and every move imaginable, you’re in the wrong place. If you want to get the BIGGEST return on your investment of time and hard work, you’ve found the training DVD for you.

But, before you start, know this: Noblezada isn’t on this earth to put together a beginner course that’s gonna leave you looking like a beginner.

This course will take you from beginner to pro in coin magic.

First you’ll learn the essentials. These are the fundamental techniques behind all sleight-of-hand coin magic. Next, you’ll learn how coin pros put the essentials to work in hard-hitting tricks. You’ll learn to build upon these tricks to create professional and memorable routines. And finally, you’ll polish it off with pro tips that will leave you looking and feeling like a pro as you perform.

You will walk away with the power to entertain any group of spectators, at a moment’s notice, with only the spare change in your pocket. And you’ll grow as an all-around magician as you focus on misdirection, audience management, and other important general skills that are vital to coin magic.

Master the simple, direct, and hard-hitting material on this DVD, and you will be able to step into the spotlight and deliver a professional coin set at a moment’s notice for the rest of your life.

This is THE audience-tested, high-impact coin magic Noblezada uses in his professional repertoire.


  • Palms
    • Classic
    • Finger
    • Thumb
    • Edge Grip
  • Vanishes
    • Puts
      • Classic Vanish
      • Finger Palm Vanish
      • Thumb Palm Vanish
      • Slide Vanish
    • Takes
      • Take Vanish
      • French Drop
      • Pro Bonus: Retention Vanish
  • Appearances
    • Push Out
  • Wipe Clean
  • Shuttle Pass
  • Subtleties
    • Ramsey Subtlety
    • Malini Subtlety


  • Coin From Thin Air
  • Cranium Vanish
  • Coin Through Hand
  • Coin Through Table
  • Tenkai Pennies
  • Coin From Pen Cap
    • Strike Vanish
    • Edge Grip
  • Coin Through Pocket


  • One Coin Routine
  • Coins Across
  • Copper/Silver Transpo “You and Me”
  • Three Coin Routine

Pro Tips

  • Breaking the wrist
  • Coordination of Actions
  • Under foot vanish / recovery
  • Wipe Clean
  • Coin Roll
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Penguin M.
Buy It!!!!!!!

This dvd says it is from beginner to pro, and it's right. I suggest this to people who like to do on the spot magic. You learn a lot of great moves that you can add to your show. Jay Noblezada is a great teacher and really get close up to learn each trick. Two Words Buy It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Penguin M.
From cards to coins

I started off only doing card tricks, then I thought that I would expand so I got this and SPONGE. This was one of my best decisions. Jay is a great teacher and goes into each sleight and phase of the routine with detail, I have actually stopped a lot of the card tricks I had previously did and substituted them for this. This is one DVD that I doubt people will not enjoy, especially for the younger generation.

Penguin M.
You NEED this!

ANY magician, no matter what your main practice of magic, needs this. I have several other DVDs that have some of the same tricks, but NONE of them show the same handling, presentation and patter like Jay. This DVD really gets your mind working a certain way, and I can honestly say, after watching this DVD and with some practice you can do an entire coin show that will knock heads off. Also, after you learn some of these things, order "THE MUSCLE PASS" DVD. Between this DVD and the muscle pass dvd you will have trained your hand muscles and mind for most all coin tricks.

Penguin M.
It is the best!

This video really inspire me to become a profession magician, see you then! Noblezada!

Penguin M.

This covers all sorts of awesome coin magic that will definetly take some practicc but the results are terrific. I recommend this anyone. There is a small error in the middle of the DVD where he talks about the cranium vanish twice but that's not bad at all its just a little something I thought was kinda funny. Awesome DVD, get it.

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