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Perfect Cents


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Perfect Cents by Cosmo Solano

You ask someone to name a number: up to 100. You immediately show your hands empty and reach into your pocket.

Everything is pulled out, and every coin is placed into their hands.

Your pocket is shown to be empty - it’s that fair. They slowly count the coins to find the number they named is the EXACT amount of change in your pocket. To the penny.

A perfect match, every time.
Developed over 10 years by Cosmo Solano, Perfect Cents gives you the ability to make a perfect prediction using virtually ANY currency. The amount they name is the exact amount pulled from your pocket: there are no awkward movements whatsoever. In the simple motion of going into your pocket, you have the exact amount of change. A perfect, pocket-sized miracle.

You won't leave home without it.
Perfect Cents comes with a precisely engineered, custom-made gimmick that resets in seconds. Unlike other systems out there, the gimmick works with coins from ANY currency.

Also included is 27 minutes of expert instruction with the creator himself, Cosmo Solano. Everything you need to know is covered so you can start practicing and performing immediately. In stock and ready to ship.

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    Jonathan L.
    Canada Canada

    The gimmick is weak.

    The gimmick has parts that are held together with tape. This tape has failed twice in performance running the effect. I will try to use glue to replace the tape. Hope that works.

    Theory11 U.

    Super cool method. Your clothes kind of affect the method, but most pants work. This is definitely a must buy especially with the great price.

    Theory11 U.

    Got this the other day it's a great trick. I've pulled it on my wife two times and as a part of my personal spin on this I go more into the mentalism side explaining things. I explain that I use subtleties and psychological forces to implant the number using change as a revelation of that force. It's great when you are appearing to study reading Tony Corinda's 13 steps to mentalism or some other known guide and pop off with look with what I'm learning. Follow up with a list of random words like red, balloon, star, hippo, bicycle. Then say quickly think of a large number say between 40 and 100 then do the trick. It works great blows their mind and they think you're a wizard. I just wish it worked on smaller numbers and it could but you would have to buy the gimmick 2x that's all I can say with out giving away the method. It's still a killer trick as usual they have a clever way to have the spectator not guess a number under 50 but for that I would give this 4.5 stars since I can't I just have the whole 5. Great stuff; definitely one that won't collect dust.

    Theory11 U.

    It's an awesome method, genius I'd say, but as a resident of Mexico City I don't have easy access to United States currency and it was kind of difficult to adapt it to work with my coins because of the size, but now I have it figured it out and it works just fine.

    Theory11 U.

    I really like this effect and the thoughts Cosmo has on this. I love that he's curated it so that no matter what number they name, they'll be counting at least 10+ coins. It makes for great built in suspense. And being able to do this without the bit of misdirection that other versions need is so great. I've seen some reviews claiming this takes little to no pocket space and I want to address that - it takes up an entire pocket. I (personally) would not feel comfortable leaving anything else in the pocket with the gimmick. The other downside I found to this is that it's VERY easy to accidentally engage the gimmick. I've worn it for 3 days straight now and do not feel comfortable performing it unless I can double check that everything is set immediately before performing. I went out of the house for 3 hours yesterday. Sitting, standing, driving, etc and by the time I got home, over half of the coins had come out of the gimmick. This could potentially be the jeans I'm wearing but I'm still experimenting with it. The gimmick is cumbersome and will take a whole pocket but the effect is insanely powerful. As with any method in magic, there are tradeoffs and it's never going to be perfect. If this is something you could see yourself performing and you're ok with the pocket space required (AND you don't wear skinny jeans) then by all means you should definitely pick this up!

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