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Eternity by Emran Riaz

Your spectator can name any digits, initials, anything, and it will appear engraved on a medallion!

Eternity is a prediction engraving system designed for the close up performer. It allows you to engrave any type of information into a metal medallion in real time, giving you the ability to perform impossible prediction style effects.

The prediction is ENGRAVED. The engraved medallion can be displayed and revealed on your keys, necklace, or pendulum. It can be examined, removed, and given away as a souvenir.

The secret engraving device hides in plain sight, and is used naturally as part of the performance. The method is simple and direct, and can be applied countless other routines.

There are no electronics, pre-show, or hidden assistants. The Eternity system can be used as a solo close up, or stage performer.

The Eternity kit comes with:

  • 1 Secret engraving tool
  • 25 Medallions
  • 2 key chain or necklace attachments
  • Various other materials

You'll learn the following 3 routines from the creator Emran Riaz and Nick Locapo.

Several commonly carried objects are laid out on the table. The spectator is asked to think of the initials of somebody important in their life. A prediction is written on a business card is laid on the table. The spectator chooses an object, which turns out to be the same object predicted on the business card. As a kicker ending, the initials of the spectators thought of person appear engraved on a medallion connected to the object they selected, and are now holding. The medallion is removed and given away as a souvenir.

The performer calls attention to their necklace, and the medallion hanging from it. Three spectators are asked to name single digit numbers. The numbers are written down on a business card and displayed on the table. Upon closer examination of the medallion hanging from the necklace, the 3 freely named numbers are found engraved on one side. The medallion is removed and given away as a souvenir.

The performer makes a prediction on a business card, and places the card face down on the table. The spectator chooses 1 of 5 face down ESP cards using a pendulum. The selected ESP card and prediction are found to be an exact match. As a kicker ending, the spectators birthday is revealed to be engraved on a medallion that has been hanging from the pendulum they have been holding the entire time!

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Penguin M.

This is without a doubt a worker, my mind is already racing with ideas on how to present this, including combining it with Paul Harris' deep clear to absolutely destroy. If you're thinking about getting this, it's 100% well thought out, refills are cheap, the routine hides everything you need to do, i honestly at this moment can't think of any negatives. Well done Emran, and thank you penguin for making this.

Penguin M.

I am happy to say that I am extremely pleased with this product! I won't waste any more time... lets get into the pros and cons! PROS: - EVERYTHING is included(everything needed for this effect is included along with some more bonus items to help you out with the effect) - Multiple routines are included and I'm sure you will find at least one to add to your repertoire - Video explanation is SUPER clear, going through all the little details and tips to increase the WOW factor as well as some ideas to further convince the spectators - Amazing effect overall that leaves the spectators will a cool souvenir and a memory they wont forget (Great for introducing yourself and handing out your business card) - Refills are indeed available CONS: - You cant just walk up to a spectator and ask them to name a 3 digit number and BOOM, its on the medallion (although that's not really a CON because it should be quite obvious - that would be super advanced and not nearly as cheap as this product) - Semi-limited on the effects you can perform, but they still offer a wide variety in the video Anyways, those are just the pros and cons I noticed, and as you can tell, the pros by far out way the cons(if you can even call them that) and I highly recommend this product... you wont be disappointed

Penguin M.

It's always great to see something both new and practical. Definitely worth the money.

Penguin M.

This is so good to reveal any prediction. The only my concern at this moment is refill for the medallion. Please make it possible to provide it ASAP.

Penguin M.

PROS: I have been performing Koran's Medallion ever since his book "Koran's Legacy" came out....40 years ago? It has never failed to amaze. There was one slight weakness....and those of you know what it is. This routine offers various presentation styles, but none that worked for me. I went back to the original presentation by Koran, modified it and it worked great, but like everything, you have to make it your own. CONS: There is one critical piece in the kit you get which I guarantee you, you will is that small and really limits your way of replacing it to my knowledge except ordering another entire trick. Also, no information on reordering other replacement "supplies" for others have noted. Very irritating, and the Penguin description of the effect should note if replacements will be available.

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