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PYRO Fire Shooting Pen by Adam Wilber

You must be at least 19 years of age to purchase this product. This product shoots fire and must be handled carefully. Always ensure your surroundings are clear of people and objects when working with fire. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames and hot surfaces. Keep out of reach of children.

It is a condition of purchase that you watch the PYRO Pen instructional in its entirety, prior to operating your unit. Inventor Adam Wilber goes over the safety precautions, correct operation and performance ideas for this device. We've given you multiple ideas to get you started - but the possibilities are truly endless. PYRO Pen is a true utility device that opens up a new and exciting side to your magic, but looks like a Sharpie marker!

LED On/Off Notifier - Each PYRO Pen is equipped with an LED inside to notify you when the device is armed and ready to fire. As the device writes, we wanted to ensure you could always feel confident handing it out to a responsible party. The blue light will show you if your PEN is on, so if it is, you're able to keep the fireball end away from your face & body. Safety first.

Precision Delay - Accidents happen, so we've thought about that too. The PYRO Pen itself has been designed to contour to your palm like any other marker, with the button in the exact right place for FIREBALL mode. However should you push the button unintentionally or whilst in your pocket, it will not fire. The built-in delay requires 3 seconds of constant pressure to turn the device on. This allows you to keep yourself and others out of the way of the flaming shots when using the pen as a standard marker, or rest easy when the pen is off in your pocket and gets pressed when reaching for something else.

Tested up the wazoo - As soon as you open the box and feel the unit yourself, you can feel the quality and level of R&D that has gone into the production of this new device. Over 4 years of refinements and countless prototypes, all of our Pyro products have gone through hell and back, pressure and temperature stressed every individual component - the heater coil though to the outer plastic and cycle tested through to failure, to guarantee performance and longevity of the final unit. What you have after all of this, is a device that both Ellusionist and Adam Wilber are proud to stand behind.

Included in your package is 1 Bundle of Flash Cotton and 10 Large Sheets of Flash Paper. Enough for 120 shots (average).

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Brock S.

I've had so much fun with my Pyro pen. Whether wowing my sisters kids or my coworkers, its always so much fun!

Marc U.
Shooting Fireballs? ...Yes please

Ok, I was skeptical at first, because well, fireball shooting marker, but Pyro Pen delivered for me. I read some 50/50 reviews online. Some people are having a hard time getting the device to work consistently, or just work at all. I've not had such a terrible experience. My Pyro pen as worked exactly as advertised. If you set the device up the proper way it seems to deliver on point, every time. I've had no delayed shots...or jammed shots. It's been great so far, mind you I really read instructions and take good care of my things. If you don't like the idea of being able to shoot a fireball from your magic marker like a ****** wizard, you won't like Pyro Pen, otherwise you're probably going to love it. I've already found a few cool ways to utilize in with other effects. Add to cart!

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