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Shadow Thief

Skill Level: Intermediate

Color: Red

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Shadow Thief by Vanishing, Inc.

Change the shadow of one card into another, and then change the card itself!

After a selected card is lost in the pack, the magician produces a "shadow" card with the pips cut out. This card, however, is not the selection. The spectators stare into the shadow (on the table or floor) that this card creates.

As the magician waves his hand over the "shadow" card, both the card and the shadow change into the selection!

What you get:

  • Complete with two handmade, special cards
  • Doesn't require a phone (but it does create a great shadow!)
  • Examinable at the end of the effect
  • An ideal trick for walk-around or bar situations
  • Comes with DVD instructions by Bizzaro and Joshua Jay