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Binary Code

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Binary Code by Rick Lax

Memorize a borrowed, shuffled deck in SECONDS.

The juiciest part about mental magic is that they NEVER KNOW FOR SURE if you really did it. So the question in their minds isn’t “how did you trick me?” It’s “how did you (really) DO THAT?!?”

Rick Lax is an incredible inventor. And “Binary Code” is a MASTERPIECE. A fully developed THREE-PHASE routine that will not just entertain, but earn you a reputation for genuinely having genius-level memory ability.

PROFESSIONALS: Pro magicians will LOVE this. It’s got a beginning, middle and end that all BUILD excitement the whole way through. And the way Rick presents it, the pace is always just right.

With Binary Code, you’ll convince even the most skeptical audiences that you’re really memorizing the deck. It’s THAT good.

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01/01/2019 User
Just... Awesome!

The trick is great! AND... The teaching is amazing! Keep the good work Rick!

01/01/2019 User

I have to admit, I was fooled by this one. The method is ingenious, and so simple. The fact that this can be done with a borrowed shuffled deck makes it that much greater. I won't use this all the time because it is kind of long and drawn out, so it requires the right situation, but I will definitely keep this in my repertoire. The teaching in the video is great, and I like how Mr. Lax gives several methods for the beginner and more advanced card handler. This is one of the best instant downloads in a long time.

01/01/2019 User
I don't usually write reviews ...

But this product is a stroke of genius. I like any-time, any-deck card effects. Rick Lax covers every detail. I also like the inexpensive cost of the product and immediate gratification through download. Now I am going to track down any other effects by Rick.

01/01/2019 User
Fantastic Work Rick Lax

After playing with Binary Code I just wanted to say that this is fantastic. Rick is very likeable and easy to listen to. The video is shot in a well lit clean space. It has a live performance of the 3 phase routine as well as detailed explanations. I would say that the second phase is pretty similar to the first phase, more of a convincer that you are doing what you are saying you are doing, memorising the cards. However the first and third phase are different enough to make this a truly magical and very clever trick. The memorisation idea for the 1st and 2nd phase is awesome and very well explained using demonstrations and on screen graphics. Not to mention loads of fun to practise. All in All this is a fantastic trick which really could be shown as a gambling/ memorisation demonstration or magic trick. Well done Rick Lax and Penguin magic.

01/01/2019 User
Exceeded my expectation!!

I absolutely love this trick. I wasn't sure what to expect, but this turned out to be one of my favorites. I will be using it all the time. Rick does a great job explaining this and the production value was top notch. I give this 101 stars (5 in binary). Can be done with no memorization or very little if you do the whole trick, which I recommend. Very clever concept. Don't hesitate to get this right away, you won't regret it.

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