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Flux by Craig Filicetti

Looking for the Flux Magnetic Mints?

A Breakthrough in Magic Technology
Your spectator is asked to hide a small object in either hand. Imagine being able to tell them, with 100% certainty, which hand is hiding that object. If using a coin, you will even be able to tell them which side is facing up when they open their hand. Flux is a powerful, professional mentalism tool that lets you harness this ability.

A Groundbreaking Technique
Flux is new, but the techniques it uses have been tried before - and usually cost thousands of dollars. Their accuracy was hit or miss. That is what makes Flux different. It is incredibly accurate, and more precise than anything else on the market. And the best part? The price - a FRACTION of other available methods.

You Will Feel Like James Bond
If James Bond were a magician, FLUX would be his favorite tool. Flux contains patent-pending technology by Craig Filicetti, a 20-year veteran in magic engineering. You can perform this completely surrounded with no sleeves and no jewelry. The tool is nearly invisible, and it's build to last. When your battery runs low, you can replace it yourself for under $1.

Flux is backed by ProMystic with a 2-Year Warranty.