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Infinity Watch V2 by Bluether

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Infinity Watch V2 by Bluether

It took our team two years to research and development. Now, we can finally release our new version, and here it is! AVAILABLE IN GOLD AND SILVER.

It is one of the most famous mentalist effects, and its previous version was sold out at FISM's first day.

It is an incredible ice-breaker - it can be used in walk-around situations, trade-show work, and more.


You take a very nice watch off your wrist and let your spectator examine it. The watch displays the current time. You can even pull out its stem and play with the time setting if you like.

You say you are setting the watch to a predicted time. After setting it, you let the spectator hold the watch by the end of the strap, with the watch face turned away from them. You never touch the watch again.

You now ask the spectator to first call out ANY hour. Then you ask the person to call out ANY minute which together result in a time of day.

After doing so, the spectator slowly turns the watch around by himself. The face of the watch is set to their time!

1. No force. Can be predicted anytime and anywhere.
2. Easy to do. No sleight of hand.
3. Remote control. No magnets.
4. Absolutely examinable before and after the performance.
5. Fully functional watch that really keeps accurate time even though you have turned the gimmick off.
6. Real stem that can be pulled out to set the watch.
7. The measurement of the watch is 40mm and the thickness is 9.6mm.
8. High quality quartz watch with genuine leather strap and stainless-steel watchcase.
9. Watch is waterproof for up to 30 meters.

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Penguin M.
Nice Watch

The watch looks very nice, well packaged and the instructions are direct and to the point, video is about 20 minutes long. Gives you two routines, you can come up with your own also with just a little imagination. This can be an everyday watch, and it's a good looking one also. I have the gold case with the black face and it's very stylish. You can turn on and off the gimmick so you can be ready to go at any time however if you have it turned off and want to turn it on, you'll need to have some "alone time"...takes about 30 seconds. If you have the "gimmick" part on it should last about a day or two no problem, then you just do a quick 30 minute recharge and you're set for another day or two. This is a fully functioning watch either way, with or without the gimmick turned on. I like it, I think it's worth the price. Would be outstanding if it could work where they could cover the watch with both hands and think of the time and it be revealed that time...maybe down the road...but at present you can't do that. Either way, you can blow some minds with it and always have a cool hidden gimmick in plain sight. I'm getting the white faced version also because I've had friends want to see it done and that way it'll be two different watches and they won't be able to figure it out which they won't anyway, lol. Order one...or two :)

Penguin M.
1st Up to Bat

If you are a working magician and like to get creative, this is for you. The routine they explain is very basic. Frankly, I don’t care for the original handling of this effect, so this wasn’t an issue for me. The watch, aside from the brand name on the face, is very elegant looking, something I would wear regardless. The range of the remote is pretty damn good. I tested it at 10’ away and it was perfect. I’m sure it’s much greater than that. Remember, you are buying a prop, not a trick, at least in my opinion. If you keep that in mind, and come up with your own routine( perhaps using a center tear or peak wallet...hint!), you have a winner. I actually use something else to make the effect Layered and even stronger. Also, I reached out to Bluether with a question, they were very responsive. I’m confident that they will back their product. Overall, excellent value!!!

Penguin M.
Black dial version is hard to see.

This watch is magician's dream. So beatiful prop, and perfect mechanism. But black dial version is so hard to see its arms. Spectator can't see ether, so there is timelag to surprise. I bought white dial version again. I strongly reconend white version. I give 5 stars for White version !

Penguin M.
Infinity watch V2

This is by far the best trick I have purchased. Top Quality, Easy to use and if looked after should last a very long time. Expensive but worth every penny. The only complaint is the video, Other than that amazing!

Penguin M.
let down

First let me say I was super excited to receive this. Quality and packaging are great. The mechanics work as does the charging. I do have a few questions however. I followed the instructions online to set the time and use the remote. My problem is how does the watch re-set to the present time after the performance? Do I have to reset the watch after each performance? instructions don't say. Also the instructions show the time being moved while he is does one "guess" how long to hold the remote to get to the exact time predicted? Way to many unknowns with this. Perhaps I haven't received all the online instructions but I did as the directions told. Until I have these answers this is another among others that will end up in the unused "drawer". Sorry to be so negative but from what I can see it's a one shot trick with no guarantee the predicted time will be achieved. Even on the online instructions show him looking at the watch to set the desired time! ***! Good product, good quality, perhaps better instructions. I have read many raving reviews on this and I encourage those to disclose how you answered these questions. Magically yours.....

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