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Arthur by Chris Wiehl

  • A trick 914 years in the making...

    Have a card selected by a spectator, while the rest of the deck is placed into the box. The chosen card is then replaced, only half way into the deck, much like King Arthur's sword in the stone. Like the tale, the card is now held by the deck, which is now as solid as a rock.

    The spectator holds the card, and as the story goes, tries to pull the card from the grips of the deck, only to find out that the entire deck is now solid, and simply hanging in mid-air by the one chosen card. With a gentle wave, the sorcerer releases the bonds of the solid deck, and the card releases along with every other card that has now become, fully restored and freely spreadable as if nothing ever happened.

    It's a beautiful, timeless and inspiring as the story of "The Sword in the Stone", now cleverly infused into a fantastic piece of magic that you can easily perform anywhere, anytime.

    The story of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone has been passed down, translated, and presented in thousands of ways for almost a thousand years. A story of power, destiny, and magic that has withheld the test of time. The story is simple, but the implications are grand. Christopher Wiehl has taken inspiration from this timeless story and has created one of his strongest effects yet.

    • Instant Reset
    • No Forcing
    • Can Sign the selection
    • Customize your gimmick with several styles of decks
    • Virtually sleight free
    • Multiple presentations included
    • Use the deck for normal routines*


    • Arthurs Ghost V1: A spooky way to find 2 selections
    • Arthurs Ghost V2: A super clean looking and feeling haunted deck
    • Deck Vanish
    • "How the hell doesn't that happen Chris? What are you, Satan's Spawn? Fooled!" - Jack Carpenter
    • "Chris showed me this effect and I instantly loved it. The deck was solid hanging from my fingers, then melted like butter in Chris' hands. I wanted it immediately!" - Justin Flom
    • "It's not often I feel that intense need to buy a magic trick, but that feeling quickly came back to me in full force when I first saw Chris perform this trick. There are so many untapped possibilities and routines with this deck I can't wait to see what people discover." - Chris Mayhew
    • "A solid fooler" - John Guastaferro

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    Penguin Magic User

    cant recommend this enough

    Just got mine today and it worked right outside of the box you have to be carefull with yours though watch the video first!!! ... other than that method is totally invisible your spectators wont notice a thing.... great great!!!

    Penguin Magic User

    Arthur by Chris Whiel

    Hello! I am Dedsek, a card magician. Arthur is an OUTSTANDING trick, and it is very different from other card tricks. It works right out of the box, but be sure to watch the video before handling the gimmick. I got amazing reactions, and even got a tip. Arthur is amazing, and learned it in 20 minutes after OPENING THE BOX. Get this. The bonus effects are amazing, but for the main effect is a steal. For anyone wondering, Arthur's Ghost V1 is a "haunted pack" way to find 2 selections. Arthur's Ghost V2 is a regular haunted pack with NO threads or wires. Should I buy it: YES. Buy this NOW if you have to spend.

    Penguin Magic User

    great "non-card" card trick

    Without saying too much (not to tip the method) this is a very high maintenance gimmicked deck. Also, while I understand trying to save money on their end, I felt the packaging and initial instruction out of the box could've been a bit better - I was worried (and rightfully so) that I might break it before knowing how to handle it. I recommend checking out the video download - you'll find the download instructions under the lid of the box - before removing the gimmicks themselves. All that being said, the effect plays very big and is a nice change of pace from any other card routine. It's worth checking out if you like the effect, don't mind the price tag, and have the extra space for it.

    Penguin Magic User

    Great trick ... minor problem

    I tried the Arthur gimmick with a well broken in deck and it worked perfectly. Incredible audience response. However, the edges of the deck I used were somewhat soiled and the edges of the Arthur gimmick were pristine so the contrast was noticeable. I broke out a new deck and the gimmick didn't work because the surface of the new cards was too slippery and the selected card just pulled out of the deck. The fix? It's easy but not really explained by Wiehl. Just use a Roughing Stick (available from Penguin) lightly on ONE side of each card in a new deck. You can still spread the deck between your hands but the roughing provides just enough invisible 'tack' to allow the Arthur gimmick to work reliably.

    Penguin Magic User

    I'm Biased

    The fact is that my name is actually Arthur, makes me totally biased when it comes to this one. I couldn't resist purchasing this when I first saw the pre-order option. I'm glad I did. I contacted Chris and let him know how much I love this. The fact is that I don't generally use "story telling" effects with cards unless it just makes sense, and this effect is just so natural for me to talk about, considering the fact that I've been talking to people about the legend of King Arthur my entire life. Just by completely utter coincidence, I just got a "Sword in the Stone" Tattoo covering my right forearm 2 days before this trick came out for pre-order. This is the perfect type of card trick for me, it's quick, commercial, and the story makes sense with the given effect. They're easy to switch in and out for me during performance. (This may not be true for everyone) I love this and yes because of the name and presentation choices I have the freedom to make this is a perfect effect for me and is an immediate part of my repertoire. I can not see a day moving forward where I'll get bored of ever performing this effect, it's something I will always use from this point on. And gives me a great illustrative story with magical moments to do whenever someone mentions my ink, which has happened several times already and I just got it in the mail 2 days ago. It's a keeper. It's NOT for EVERYONE! But,.. It's definitely for me! I will add that I changed the gimmick from the red "Bikes" it came in, which I normally prefer, but I changed it to the Black Kings Deck from Peter McKinnon and Daniel Madison. I don't have a card selected, I take one of the Jokers that comes with the "Kings" deck, which just happens to be an all white card with nothing but a Sword on it. (The other Joker in that deck is an Ax if you haven't seen it) However this just adds to it a little something where the card is just a sword in the deck(stone) This is just a little something, but for me it adds value to the story-line and just a little bit better in my opinion. I believe I'll try making it seem more impromptu by having the "Sword Joker" actually forced on the spectator, then go into the routine as if it was something special just in that moment that someone "happens" to pick that card, it may add a little more interest, or intrigue. Not sure, just thought of that, will see how that goes. :) All in all, this is great, the presentation makes perfect sense with the effect. The gimmick if taken care of proper will last indefinitely and I'm pretty sure it can be reconstructed fairly easy when it becomes worn out without having to buy another. It's the perfect story for me to tell people and one I know very well so I can focus on presentation. It's not something everyone would like, but it can be used with other effects without too much trouble. It's not difficult to do. The method is simple, yet effective. The timing of it's release was something completely uncanny, and it almost seemed like it was fate and my own personal destiny to get my hands on this "when I did". I love it! (Arthur) ~SkypeX "The Stealth"

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