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Silhouette by Tobias Dostal

Does not include light source!

Light and shadow, one cannot exist without the other. Light brings knowledge, darkness brings mystery, but true magic exists in between.

Silhouette is unlike anything you've witnessed before. With a simple shadow, Tobias Dostal creates a moment so pure, so impossible, and so visceral that it could start a religion. Simply put, Silhouette gives you the uncanny ability to manipulate and interact with shadows.

With Silhouette, you have ultimate control over the realm of shadows. You can take a shadow and pluck it into reality. You can freeze your shadow in time. You can form shadows from things that don't exist. You can steal your spectator's shadow. You can even create a misbehaving shadow that snatches objects from your very hands (sometimes it'll even tickle you). Your shadows can be lighthearted, downright mischievous, or simply unexplainable, you decide.

What you receive:

  • The ability to create and manipulate 12 unique shadows
  • Nearly an hour's worth of in-depth explanation from Tobias Dostal
  • 12 routines and ideas included to get you started, but the possibilities are limitless once you see the gimmick!
  • Any smart phone can be used as a light source
  • Can be done with a borrowed phone
  • Phone is never rigged
  • Resets instantly
  • Packs small plays big
  • Stealthy and quiet
  • Perfect for magicians, mentalists, and even mediums
  • Shadows are compatible with all countries worldwide
  • Shadows can be yours or even borrowed

This is more than just an illusion, this is a new genre of magic. This is Silhouette.

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Penguin M.
Many possibilities

You can create so many silhouettes with this, under good lighting and/or backdrop conditions. So many presentations even if you just use one of the gimmicks. Without a phone case, which is how I imagine most will want to do this, will work fine, if you have good angles (honestly just place your spectator(s) somewhere, you are the magician here). I sometimes even make it a part of the presentation that they HAVE to be in the right “angle” for it to work. It shouldn’t take away from the affect. Gimmick(s) is cool and durable it seems. It will take a bit of practice and work, just like the ins And outs of any trick! So this is no problem. I am not disappointed.

Penguin M.
It works very well for me, but maybe not for you

Let me just cut to the chase. This is really good. I like it a lot, but that depends on the silhouette I am using. You are getting twelve silhouettes. Three of them are normal. They are just hand holding up 1,2 or 5 fingers. They allow you to change rock into paper or scissors for (not actual rock but a "rock paper scissors" game rock) and also do the best effect in my opinion which is the one in which you hold your spectators shadow. These will work great with any phone size, but you should think about getting a flip case for your phone for all of the effects. The second type works exactly the same as the first one but it allows you to produce shadows of objects without having these objects on you. With these you will be able to produce the following shadows: a knife, a robot, a banana a wine glass and a rose. The last type of shadows are the manipulation type. These are the coolest ones and you can really change them and make them your own, but they are also the most complex ones. With these you will be able to produce and VANISH a card, a rose and sunglasses. But this requires a lot. Without giving to much away these silhouettes are different because they are made out of two pieces and in order for you to vanish the shadows one of the pieces need to move in and out. And in order for you to make it move you need either a small enough phone or long enough fingers. So in conclusion I think that if you want this for the manipulation thing with the card you should think about your phone size and you fingers. But if you want it for the "hding the spectators finger" one the add it to cart now. Pros: - Amazing effects - examinable - it is something really special - works for many types of situation. Maybe not for huge stages, but anything smaller than that will be great Cons: - better with flip case. If you don't angles can be problematic. - maybe not everything will work for you - hard to learn, but honestly if that is your problem don't be a magician. I am going to get a flip case, and will probably perform the finger freez one and the rock that turns into scissors.

Penguin M.
Can sankey do it?

I gave it three cause it quite clever and well made. I wish I would have bought it from penguin, I’d return it. While this may be biased cause I don’t have phone case, but the thing just doesn’t seem to work with my seven plus. It’s too wide and my hands are too small to effectively activate the gimmick and keep it in the light. Trixs, are for kids this is for nba players Smilesotheylikeyou

Penguin M.
I bought the hype!

I buy a lot of magic and maybe I need to stop! The magic community has really been disappointing. I just spent a lot of money on something too big and bulky to use for walk around. Too small for the stage! Where in the **** am I going to use this? I feel like Penguin needs to have a return policy because this would be sent back immediately! With all the hype I couldn't wait to get this. Sorry to sound bitter but can we put some effort into promoting something with a purpose!

Penguin M.
Terrific, but has performance limitations

Just received this and have watched the instructional video. Tobias Dostal has put together a brilliant, beautiful magical effect. The gimmick is extremely well-made and durable, and in the hands of a skilled magician or puppeteer, the effect I'm sure will get fabulous reactions. Is it worth the price? Yes, it would be worth it at twice the price--if you put the time and effort in to perfect your performance of it: getting the handling right and making it into a powerful effect will require real practice (like all strong magic). I do however want to note some important performance limitations for someone like me who has small hands and a LARGE LG/Android phone (3.5" x 5.74"). There is no way that I can see to do the animation efects, e.g. in which an empty hand suddenly produces a card or rose. To be able to do that, the thumb of your hand holding the phone MUST be able to reach to the other side of the phone. So if you want to know if you can perform those particular effects, try gripping your phone and see if you can touch your thumb to your middle finger. If you can't, then you cannot perform them. In my case, given my phone and hand size, I fall short by a full 1" in making that connection. It's always a bit disappointing when a new gimmick comes out that hasn't been tested to see if everyone can use it (in this case, people with smaller hands and/or larger phones). I understand that not every gimmick can be made to suit every person's physiology, or every device. However, I feel that these limitations should at least have been acknowledged in the instructions and appeared as a caveat in the advertising. This drawback aside, however, Silhouette is a truly astonishing effect, and I recommend it.

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