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Clutch by Oz Pearlman

Clutch is featured in Oz Pearlman’s off-broadway show, The Unseen. While Clutch is simple to perform and can be done any time with a borrowed deck, it is presented here with the professional performer in mind. This is a card routine that bridges the gap between close-up and stage as it plays for the entire audience. We hope you’ll add Clutch to your show.

The deck is borrowed. Fair.

The spectator shuffles, picks a card, and returns it to the deck. Fair.

The cards are put in the card box. Fair.

The box is closed. Fair.

The spectator puts the deck in his/her own pocket. Fair.

The spectator confirms there’s nothing else in his/her pocket… just a deck inside a CLOSED box! Fair.

You show your hands COMPLETELY empty. You show them slowly and from all angles. Your sleeves are rolled up. Fair. Fair. Fair.

You explain exactly what you’re gonna do. This is as fair as it gets!

You reach into the spectator’s pocket and INSTANTLY pull out the chosen card. Your hand darts in at lightning speed and BOOM, a card appears at your finger tips. This happens in the blink of an eye… literally less than a second!

You ask the spectator to check the box of cards. The box is still closed!

Top 5 reasons we love Clutch:

  1. It’s extremely fooling–laypeople don’t have a chance!
  2. It’s dramatic–you set up an impossible challenge for yourself.
  3. It’s visual–you instantly pluck the card from your spectator’s pocket.
  4. It plays huge in multiple environments–close-up, street, stand-up, and stage.
  5. It can be done with a borrowed deck without ANY preparation. Perform clutch anytime, anywhere… everytime, everywhere!
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01/01/2019 User

Thnx, OZ! I've been looking for some of the strongest material to add to my evening show... Love Clutch!!!!

01/01/2019 User
My new number 1 trick

It's impromptu, easy, and great. Literally, you can take anyone's deck and perform completely surrounded,confidently, and easily. The mechanics are pretty much nothing, at least compared to most magic tricks. There is one sleight, but it's incredibly easy, and it barely counts as a sleight anyways. 95% of the entire trick happens in their hands. Great effect, I highly recommend it. (I'm currently performing it at the Olympics, in that huge crowd)

01/01/2019 User
Clutch by Oz Pearlman

Teaching: Standard Oz Pearlman teaching, Oz goes over the entire routine and explains the TWO moves you will use for this trick. 10/10 Quality of materials(if it is a gimmik etc): No gimmicks needed this can be used with your deck or even a borrowed deck. Difficulty: Requiring no sleights (with the exception of two moves that barely qualify) Clutch is simplicity at its best. 8/10 Applications: Perfect for restaurant magic and strolling/walkaround magic. This could also be used for a stand-up or even a stage show. As Oz says in the DVD rarely do you get a card trick that you can do for Hundreds of people. Overall Rating: Clutch is by far one of the cleverest tricks I have seen Oz do and I would easily recommend it. 9/10

01/01/2019 User
Awesome trick!!!

I highly recommend this trick it is one of my favorite tricks, there is no hard sleights or any of that stuff just 2 simple moves. The reactions are great and no one will figure it out. Plus there is no gimmick and you can do it with any deck of cards. It's a great trick!

01/01/2019 User
Excellent Trick

Once again oz a great trick!!!!!!!!!! This is a great trick, It will leave your audiences Stunned when the see you pull their own card out of a closed box!!!!!! I think this is great all you need to perform is a deck of cards. Fun to perform and you are left clean!!!

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