Magnetic Mints for Flux


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Magnetic Mints for Flux

The ultimate must-have accessory for FLUX. Engineered from scratch to look exactly like a real peppermint. An organic, natural, unassuming object that no spectator will ever assume has a secret buried within.

Each peppermint is made from durable plastic, with a powerful neodymium magnet embedded inside. FLUX can detect it in fractions of a second - resulting in the absolute best “which hand” routine imaginable.

Carry it with you in your pocket, ready to perform with at a moment’s notice. Unlike a magnetic quarter, these mints don’t arouse any suspicion of metal detection. The hardest part of your performance will be remembering NOT to eat it! Seriously.

Keep out of the reach of children. These truly look absolutely perfect. Includes one Flux Peppermint in a glass protective container.

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