FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

My order arrived damaged, what do I do?
Oh no! Let's get this resolved for you right away. Head over to our Returns Portal and get the process started to get a new one.

Do I need an account?
While an account is not required, it is recommended. Not only will you reduce the time it takes to checkout, but you will also earn Presto Points on every purchase (and more), it's a win, win!

Why isn't my tracking number working?
Though a tracking number is created right away, it can take 24-48hrs for the shippers system to show the details.

How long does it take for orders to ship?
Orders are packaged and sent out within 48hrs of the order being placed. Postal services do not run on weekends so you may not see it moving until a business day. This does not include products sold as PRE ORDER or BACKORDER.

Do you ship to the US?
We do not ship outside Canada at this time. There are many fine retails across the US. You can also purchase Theory11, Ellusionist and Penguin Magic products directly from their US website.


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