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Cascading Cards by Keith O'Brien

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Cascading Cards Sculpture by Keith O'Brien Magic Creations

Imagine a beautiful waterfall of cards cascading out of the pack, frozen in time! "Cascading Cards" is a beautiful card sculpture hand made by Keith O'Brien that makes the perfect center piece for any magician or magic collector's display. Cascading Cards is the coolest and most beautiful piece of card art you can own! 

These are built by hand by Keith, so they are not always shipped immediately. If you're worried about time frames, please reach out and we can ensure we can fit your deadline.

CUSTOM CARDS: Choosing this option will require you to send 2 decks of your cards of choice to Keith.

DUE TO SIZE: There is a $37 Flat Fee Shipping Rate on this product. 


The Standard Display Stand is a handmade wooden block style display stand stained with a beautiful espresso finish. Your sculpture comes mounted directly to the display stand. Starting at $200.

The Deluxe Display Stand is a handmade pallet style display stand equipped with a swivel so that you can position your Cascading Cards sculpture in any position you desire. Each pallet is stained in a beautiful espresso finish that gives your sculpture a warm, modern appearance. Starting at $260.

The Special Edition Display Stand is a handmade aluminum pallet style display stand equipped with a swivel so that you can position your sculpture in any way your heart desires. It is finished with a gorgeous brushed finish. This display stand adds an elegant, industrial feel to your Cascading Cards sculpture. Starting at $370.

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