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Cube 3


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Cube 3 By Steven Brundage

Everyone knows that solving a Rubik's Cube can be a long, frustrating, hair-pulling feat. That is, until Steven Brundage steps in and short-circuits the whole idea, by turning a near-impossible puzzle into a jarring moment of excitement.

Steven shocked the world by using a Rubik's Cube to get out of a traffic ticket and the video populated social media feeds all over the world. Not sure about cube magic? Think again. He fooled Penn & Teller, then Steve Harvey, Good Morning America, NBC, ABC... the list is still going on from the countless media sources that want to experience what you're about to learn with Cube3. Now, Steven wants to teach you how he uses his closely-guarded Rubik's Cube routine to crush audiences all over the world.

What you'll get:

  • Steven Brundage's signature 3x3 speed cube
  • Online instructions with hours of jam-packed material

What you'll learn (with NO GIMMICKS!):

  • Imagination Solve: A slow, multiphase morph of the mixed cube that seems to solve itself.
  • Toss Up Solve: A jolting solve that people never get tired of watching.
  • Behind-the-Back Solve: This is the one that the world went crazy for.
  • Bag Solve: A cube inside a paper bag that seems to solve itself.
  • Instant Solve: Boom. Fast and hyper visual.
  • Color Change solve: The cube never moves, but still finds its way to a perfect solution.
  • Eye-popping cube flourishes
  • Basic & advanced cube solving techniques
  • Presentation, handling & performance ideas
  • Cube care & maintenance

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    Penguin Magic User

    No gimmick

    This is the real deal, which is the very thing that makes it so great. If you have spectators that wasn't to grab for it, let them. There is nothing to find because it is a regular cube. The algorithms for solving the cube are very good and will only take a week or so of constant practice to learn efficiently. Once you have this, you will destroy people with an impossible effect that cannot be recreated by them

    Penguin Magic User

    I LOVE this routine, but you have to be a cuber

    I'm a magician, but I'm also a speedcuber. I solve the rubik's cube in about 20 seconds and I solve many kind of twisty puzzle like the rubik's cube. So, this routine and this methods I think that are wonderful, I love them. But I think that if you're not a speedcuber, this routine is a little bit tricky and boring, because you have to learn to solve a rubik's cube in a good time for a show. If you take 2 minutes to solve it, it's a really boring trick. But, if you're a speedcuber and magician, this trick is AWESOME! 5 stars :)

    Penguin Magic User


    Before I got this, I had never even tried to solve a rubix cube. After just 2 days of hard work, I am now able to solve a cube in under a minute and 45 seconds. Not record setting by any means...but it has only been 2 days! :D The teaching in this set is so great that i strongly believe that you will be an expert at the cube in just days also (if you're willing to put in the effort and work it takes to really get good at this thing.) Once you are able to solve the cube, Steven teaches all the tricks you might have seen in his recent spot on fool us. The best part is, there is no gimmick involved. Everything you see can be done with a borrowed cube! If I could give this 6 stars i would...I can't wait to start performing this routine!

    Penguin Magic User

    Incredible Ungimmicked Effect

    I first would like to point out that I had previous knowledge of how to solve the Rubik's Cube, but with practice, this trick can be picked up by ANYONE and performed (Steven also shows you how to solve the Rubik's Cube step by step). While not EASY, these routines are doable and produce an incredible effect if you are willing to take the time and practice. The effects are truly visual masterpieces, thought up in a very clever manner and performed with virtually no limitations. There are NO gimmicks -- it is simply a speed cube (a normal Rubik's Cube that moves faster). Not only are they excellent effects, but they are also fun to perform. Steven leaves a lot of space for you to develop your own routines/ideas while still instilling the key steps you need to know. Steven describes every trick clearly and thoroughly, and from multiple different vantage points. Not only does he teach any beginners how to solve the cube, but while explaining the actual trick, he goes slowly and performs each effect multiple times to make sure everyone understands. These effects and Steven's procedure and help on the DVD really separates this trick from others. If you are unsure, or have concerns about buying this trick, (ie: you can't solve the cube yet, you have small hands) let me put them to rest. This trick can be done by anyone and look amazing with only focus and practice, and it is well worth that time. 5/5, and highly recommended!

    Penguin Magic User

    AkiraFist's Cube3 review

    Cube3 by Steven Brundage - my review What you get: A ShengShou Aurora puzzle cube in a cute black box, along with a thin wafer-style USB stick containing 2 MP4 videos and 2 PDF files. The cube handles great, and is smooth and quiet although if you don't already own another cube, I suggest you purchase one (about $5 to $7) so you have a solved cube for the tricks, and an unsolved one for learning algorithms. Videos: The first 1.5 hour video covers solving the cube for a complete beginner, using the CFOP Method (Fridrich method). Unlike YouTube shaky-cam videos where other people teach this, Steven's instruction is top-notch, crystal clear and shot in HD. Production quality, music, backgrounds, editing is pure Hollywood. His likeable personality shines through the camera, and you'll be able to solve a cube from zero knowledge in a few hours. The second MP4 teaches the 6 tricks you see not only in the trailer, but also on Penn and Teller "Fool Us" show where Steven appeared (yes, he fooled them). Two interesting videos to watch are (YouTube search: "steven brundage speeding ticket", "steven brundage fool us"), which show clear examples of what you'll learn. All tricks use an ungimmicked cube and will require a few hours/days of practice to get the proper handling down. Also, some tricks are much easier than the rest - imagination solve only requires one move and can be mastered very quickly whereas the behind-the-back solve will require more practice. In addition to the tricks, Steven teaches "false shuffling" methods whereas the cube looks randomized when it's not. You have complete control over how many moves it will require to solve, thus you can formulate your own tricks or fake-speed-solving techniques. You also learn the best moves to make the cube have the most separate colors next to each other, so it appears difficult to solve. He went through many variations of moves until he found the sweet spot that would fool the most people. The good news is: You don't need to speed-solve a cube in order to perform the tricks. In fact, you can be a complete cube novice and still do them, which cuts down on the practice time. Obviously, long term you need to be able to reset your cube to "solved state" in case a spectator mixes up your cube, but for the purpose of learning tricks, it's unnecessary. If you have issues viewing the MP4s on your TV or iPad (like I did), you can convert via HandBrake, a free MP4 conversion program in order to get them on the big screen. PDFs: The first PDF is 2 pages, and contains Steven's beginner method in a 7-step, easy to follow format. The first page contains the steps along with color cube pictures demonstrating the "basic solve", while the second shows you stand move notation. I would only print out the first page personally, since the notation is really obvious after about an hour working with your puzzle cube. The other PDF is a speed-cubing guide from, and is a fairly intimidating 3-page color document with all the F2L, OLL, PLL algorithms. If you don't want to be a speed-cuber, you can skip this entirely. If you DO want to speed-cube, his website contains fantastic YouTube videos showing what all that terminology means in a simpler format. Conclusion: Overall you're receiving 3 hours of fantastic video instruction along with a great cube for a rediculously low price of $35. For the money, this is the best magic deal since Liquid Metal, and I rate it complete hotsauce. Must-have.

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