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Hover Card Plus

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Hover Card Plus by Dan Harlan and Nicholas Lawrence

  • When the brilliant Dan Harlan saw what Nicholas Lawrence did to his classic Hover Card, he said “My vision of a self-contained close-up levitation has finally been perfected.”

    Only available at Live Magic Expos until today, this is without a doubt the best card levitation of all time. It fools everyone. ESPECIALLY magicians who thought they knew the secret. There’s no threads, and now seemingly NOTHING AT ALL.

    Imagine a SIGNED card floating off the top of a pack of cards, and while it’s hovering in mid-air, you pluck it out of the air, show it on both sides, then gently place it back IN SPACE. IN SPACE, MAN!!! Then, as if that wasn’t already enough, you can prove it’s not connected to the pack by pulling the top card of the deck off, then the next card and the next card if you like. And if THAT isn’t enough.. with complete control, you make the card float back onto the deck AND IMMEDIATELY HAND IT OUT. Did I mention it was signed?

    If you want a levitation that’s close-up, uses no threads and has absolutely NO EXPLANATION, this is a no-brainer.

    Each unit hand-made by co-creator Nicholas Lawrence.

    • Stunning visuals and an absolutely brilliant method. This takes a classic many of us are familiar with and truly catapults it to another level!! Had me saying how in the h#%&??” -Oz Pearlman
    • “At first I thought Nick was showing me an old standard, and then I lost my mind when he handed me the card. Brilliant update.” -Erik Tait
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01/01/2019 User
Good effect if planned..Angle Heavy

Let me start by saying that until now I have only given 1 or 5 star reviews. This effect lands perfectly in the middle for a couple reasons. 1. It looks great! 2. The gimmick is stiff. 3. It fools anyone standing in front of you 4. It is very angle heavy despite what the video says 5. The gimmick broke once already 6. The gimmick is easy to repair This list continues on and on in this fashion. In short I love this trick for a planned performance,but the video leads you to believe you can do this walk around. That simply isn't the case, and the gimmick is too delicate to use for walk around in my opinion, especially when it comes to ditching. Great effect, not perfect.

01/01/2019 User
buy it! NOW!!!

I LOVE IT! thats it! nothing more to say. buy it & i am very sure that you gonna love it. need to practice few moves to understand the execution of the trick, its easy & fun to do.FANTASTIC job penguinmagic!!

01/01/2019 User
Angles are a Big Problem

Disappointed that the trick is only for those almost in front of you.

01/01/2019 User
One the best floating cards just got a makeover!

I picked this up from Nick Locapo at the Penguin Expo in Tampa. I've been playing with it ever since. I've always liked Dan Harlan's original hover card, but then Nicholas Lawrence comes along and makes it much more practical. I love the idea of having it be any signed card. It makes it a much more emotional impact. Highly recommend!!!

01/01/2019 User
Amazing improvements!

So, I've had Hover Card Plus for about two months now since Magi-Fest in January and all I can say is that I love it! Laypeople are absolutely stunned by the "gravity-defying levitation" and the improvements that were made upon the gimmick (as explained in each of the trailers) make the original Hover Card so much more amazing. I highly recommend that you go ahead and purchase this before it sells out. Congratulations on the fantastic release Nick and Dan.

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