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Liquid Metal

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Liquid Metal by Morgan Strebler

Everyone has heard stories of unique people who can bend metal through extreme concentration, but nobody seems to know for certain that it happens or if it's possible... UNTIL THEY MEET YOU!

You're about to learn the most VISUAL metal bending routine in the world. The routine features 2 FORKS and 6 STUNNING PHASES! Each phase builds upon the one before, and at the end the spectator is left with a KILLER SOUVENIR.

Liquid Metal Features:
Over 25 minutes of live performance footage
Complete lecture-style explanations
Special follow-along practice session

Special Bonus:

  • Morgan's impossible key bending routine
  • The Fork U Fork
  • The Corkscrew Tine Bend

You will learn the full routine from beginning to end with nothing held back including Morgan's highly anticipated multiple tine bend (tipped for the first time ever)!

This is an actual full and polished routine that you can do 100% surrounded. Perform it at parties, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and on the streets.

This is the EXACT SAME routine Morgan uses when he auditions for television, movies, shows, and gigs. It's THAT strong, and it gets INCREDIBLE REACTIONS.

Where can you see this routine in action? Morgan performs Liquid Metal every night in his act at the world famous Bellagio in Las Vegas. He also performs the routine at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in front of up to 2500 people via television monitors.

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Penguin M.
PLease dont buy this

This is honestly the best trick i have ever purchased, the "workhorse" of my routine. everything else is the build up and the follow-up to this trick. so please dont buy it if you will not practice and thus reveal what you are trying to do. this trick is so good that i really dont want anyone else to know! including you! but if you must buy, then please master it so that no one else can even begin to imagine you have nothing less then magic powers. stay performing!

Penguin M.
A Great Skill!!!

Morgan Strebler does an amazing job teaching people how to manipulate metal right under spectators noses. This packs a great punch and people have no clue whats really happening. He really makes it look like the metal is not solid. A great trick well worth the money

Penguin M.

I absolutely love performing this effect for people I always get the best reactions with this one and after you've practiced this tirelessly for a long time you're guaranteed to get some of the best reactions with this effect.

Penguin M.

I really like this, short sleaves, any time any where, works well with small or large groups, can be done on stage. Just be ready to go through alot of forks practicing but it is a fund effect to do. Add to cart you will like it alot.

Penguin M.

ok i bought this trick a few years ago when i was in the navy did with those forks. i do this trick as my big closer for my restaurant work i put my card on the fork when im done with my time with that table and it gets me tons of gigs. with a little pratice you look like a pro and people think you do this with your mind i also hand out another fork for people to play with it so funny looking over and see them shake the fork. it plays really hard over seas at well you dont need to talk to do this which is nice. if you want to do restaurant work buy this now. and if you cant afford forks try haveing the restaurant buy your forks for you if you do magic there. ADD TO CART!!!!!!!!!!!!

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