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Mesika Elastics



Mesika Elastics by Yigal Mesika

The top choice for elastic thread has been improved and stretches even more than before!

Due to Popular Demand, Yigal Mesika has released his famous invisible elastic thread! this Dispenser contains a single 100ft of the same high quality elastic thread custom designed for Mesika Loops, the phenomenal international best-seller for over a decade!

Easy to use and cleverly packaged in a dental floss-style dispenser. Mesika Elastics are made with a matte finish to diminish the reflection of light and are colored black for maximum invisibility. This thread can stretch up to five times its original size! One 100ft strip can be stretched almost two times the length of an American football field!

This is the premier elastic thread for use with Finn Jon techniques or for anyone looking to create easy visual miracles.

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    Penguin Magic User

    Nice thread, **** spindle

    I like the thread itself, but I can't compare it to other elastics (I've only used 'static' previously). HOWEVER, the spindle the thread came on is a joke. The top of the outer container (similar to dental floss) popped off immediately and doesn't stay on. One end of the internal spindle has a big rough mold-injection bump that caught the thread as it tumbled out of the opened container and it was tough to get untangled. This wasted a bunch of the thread. The spindle is otherwise straight off the ends and a lot more of it was wasted when a number of the 'turns' around the spindle slid off the end. It has a useless metal 'cutter' on top, but the thread breaks with a good tug so why bother putting on something that snags the thread?? I'll try something different next time.

    Penguin Magic User


    Great for making loops. Get yourself 2 of them, with the Million Dollar Knot and Loops Volume 1&2.............. OMG best combination ever. Treat yourself and save money.

    Penguin Magic User


    I think the product is great however it should come with instructions on tying the knot. Very difficult to work with. By the time you experiment and get it worked out you waste a fair amount of thread. Still struggeling to get it. Next time I am just buying the loops. Also can't get on the discussion forum for this product even though I am signed in. Some support would be good.

    Penguin Magic User

    It does the job, but not as well as PET2.0

    For making my own Loops, this stuff can't compare to the strength, stretch and invisibility of PET2.0. Don't get me wrong, this is good stuff, but you're on the right site to buy better so I feel I should steer you in the direction of a better product.

    Penguin Magic User

    Horrible Dispenser, Good Thread

    Like I said, Horrible Dispenser, Good Thread. The dispenser is worse than dollar store quality, it is totally useless. On the bright side, the elastic is wound around a long, cylindrical spool, which is miles ahead of the "legacy thread" bobbin! Bang a nail into a board, pull out the cylinder, drop it on the nail, and you have a dandy dispenser, even when the elastic breaks (inevitable, eh).

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