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OX Bender™

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OX Bender™ by Menny Lindenfeld

  • Use the OX BENDER™ anywhere, in any situation and FULLY SURROUNDED. Use it close up, walk-around, on the street, on stage and even on TV. The bending action is 100% INVISIBLE and done right in-their-face! But they'll never know or see anything! You can even bend coins while seated with your hands casually resting on the table.

    The OX BENDER™ leaves no evidence behind, producing spotless bends with no marks or scratches on the coin. Weighing only 26 grams (0.057 lb.) makes the OX BENDER™ the WORLDS MOST LIGHTWEIGHT coin bender. A hassle-free gimmick you'll easily carry with you everywhere you go!

    The OX BENDER™ is more than just a coin bender -- BEND signed Coins, Spoons, Keys and more!!

    You will learn:

    • Various methods and techniques for using the Ox Bender™.
    • Methods for using the Ox Bender™ single-handed.
    • Techniques for using the Ox Bender™ with both hands.
    • To use the Ox Bender™ while standing or seated.
    • To invisibly bend signed coins right in-their-face and never get caught during action.
    • Live performance routine with audio commentary.
    • To bend perfectly straight neck twists in signed spoons using OX BENDER™ + performance method.
    • To use the Ox Bender™ to bend, twist and break signed keys.


    • Bend borrowed, signed coins with only ONE hand!
    • BLIND coin loading -- Easily load coins without the need to look at gimmick.
    • 100% INVISIBLE BEND. Never get caught during action!
    • Use it anywhere and fully surrounded.
    • No switches. No pulls. No sleeving.
    • Bend small or large coins (max diameter of 27mm, Loonies are 26mm).
    • No scratch marks: Produces spotless coin bends.
    • Can also be used for neck-twisting signed spoon.
    • Can also be used to bend, twist & break signed keys.
      • "I was amazed by Menny Lindenfeld's coin bending demonstration. I was shocked how he bent my own signed coin. I don't know how he does it. It's impressive." - URI GELLER
      • "Finally, you can do a coin bend with only one hand - without being an actual superhero." - GREGORY WILSON
      • "The Ox Bender is my favorite coin bender. I love that I can bend a quarter with one hand." - RAN PINK
      • "I can't see how someone can top this. If there was a contest in magic inventions, this one would get the prize!!!" - TITANAS
      • "Watching Menny Lindenfeld bend metal is like watching real magic. Ox Bender is serious artillery for the serious mentalist - it's deceptive, practical, and powerful." - DOUG McKENZIE
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Penguin M.
Fantastic Bender

This is the last bender I will need to buy, and I've owned several including Superman and Quantum. The Ox Bender puts both of them to shame. It's incredibly light weight, and produces clean bends in the center of the coin, even on U.S. Quarters which most benders produce off-center bends in. Overall, I'm incredibly satisfied with my Ox Bender and would recommend it to anybody interested in doing coin bending.

Penguin M.
If you've got Donald Trumps Hands... You're fired

This was not for me. When you've got hands like Donald Trump this thing is not going to work out very well. Hand strength is pretty important here too. Pros: Its a real time one handed coin bend. Can be done in front of the spectator Cons: 1. The handling of the gimmick feels odd. Its a little too bulky. 2. Having to do the dirty work right in front of the spectator seems very bold, and maybe it'll work for other people, but hand size is a huge factor here. 3. The handling of the associated props didn't feel natural and felt only there to hide the gimmick. Overall this was not for me. It may be great for others, just my two cents.

Penguin M.
Very Disappointed

Though I appreciate the work that goes into ANY magic gimmick, this being no exception, I am unsatisfied with this purchase. I am a relatively large man, with strong hands, and this gimmick requires HUGE hands, and strength to deliver as advertised. (Fully surrounded, undetected) it is everything I hoped it WOULDN'T be!! Large, plastic, impractical. $99 is WAY to high for this as we are paying for GIMMICK ONLY whereas most magic purchases, we are paying for "the secret" not the case here. Also, there is a link for downloadable instructions, but you need a password to view the video. Unless I am just missing something on the small box, there is NO PASSWORD to be found!! For me, coinvexed followed by quantum bender at a close second.

Penguin M.
Ox bender

Very good bender! You can really bend a coin using one hand! The gimmick is very lightweight and with proper care it should last for hundreds if not thousands of performances. Menny went through in great detail on what coins you can bend with this. I purchased this mainly for coin bending but you can also use this to bend spoons and keys! It's flesh-colored and can be easily be "hidden in plain sight"; the moves are justified and of course with enough practice you'll be killing people with this. Menny showed a couple of methods on how to bend using 1 and 2 hands--I'm not a fan of the other alternative handling but it might work for others depending on your level of comfort and performance style. There's one section where Menny showed a silent video of him performing this as he narrates and break down every move which I think is very helpful. Is this worth the price? This is 3 times cheaper than the quantum bender and accomplishes the same thing: bent signed coin. Granted ox bender is not built like a tank like the quantum bender but i think it was able to deliver what it promised to do, and then some. 5 stars all the way!

Penguin M.
It all depends on the coins...

I think that this is a great bender but... but... most people will not have the hand strength to bend quarters. I am a 36 year old male and I cannot bend a quarter. Pennies, it goes through them like butter, and it truly is perfect for pennies and dimes but quarters in a real practical setting, forget about it.

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