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Rhine's Dice

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Rhine's Dice by Matthew Mello

Read a spectator’s mind using a pair of dice.

Inspired by the tests performed in the 1930s by Dr. JB Rhine, Matt Mello has created a routine that will allow you to replicate psychic abilities.

FIRST TEST - With your back turned, your spectator stacks the dice in any way they choose. After turning around, you are able to correctly guess the number of visible spots INSTANTLY.

SECOND TEST - With your back turned again, your spectator rolls a die on the table and remembers the number they landed on - a completely random choice. Without ever looking at the die, you reveal the number they are thinking of.

Statistically, guessing the number every time is impossible. Until now.


Taught in 18 minutes with unrivaled, in-depth instruction by Matt Mello. While it can be done with virtually ANY pair of dice, the box set includes a set of three dice specifically chosen by Matt to work perfectly with the routine.

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What am I missing?

I ordered this product through tricky fingers. It’s arrived and I have my box with dice but the only instructions there are to go to theory 11 and download my video. I have no account on theory 11 and even after creating account I have no where I can use the password in my box to download the video to learn this trick. Somethings missing in this process folks from theory 11 and tricky fingers! This is not a good buying experience.

Theory11 U.

Matt is brilliant. I am so glad Theory11 is working with him. This concept is perfect for my gimmick. Love it.

Theory11 U.

Yet another amazing trick by Theory11. The method is very simple and easy to learn. The way it is taught gives you the ability to incorporate it into any routine. The dice also work very well for this trick and can be used for others as well. As usual, the packaging is incredible. Great price for an awesome trick.

Theory11 U.

It's so amazing and so simple I wasn't sure how well it would work when I watched the instructional video but it really does work. Amazing!

Theory11 U.

This is the kind of trick Uri Geller would be doing on talk shows in the 1970s. Really brilliant. Very fairly priced.

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