Skill Level: Intermediate

Tarantula II



Tarantula II by Yigal Mesika 

When Yigal Mesika's groundbreaking Tarantula was first introduced, magicians called it "the most incredible levitation device of all time!". Now, after seven years of re-engineering and refinements, it's back...and better than ever.

New Features:

  1. A rechargeable battery that will last you over 100 performances on just one single charge. No more expensive batteries!
  2. You can instantly lock and unlock the motor at any moment you wish. Absolutely no set-ups!
  3. The micro motor is now completely silent and provides the IT reel with constant perfect tension.
  4. Say goodbye to old-school ITR mechanical reels or button reel activation! A new motorized and patented Soul Technology™ is ready when you are and enables you to operate completely hands free.
  5. The revolutionary stealth design is now far more intuitive, more comfortable, and extremely easy to master.
  6. A brand new video tutorial with Yigal Mesika himself teaching you new effects, performance tips, and psychological subtleties that will elevate your performances to new heights. Beginners and working professionals will definitely be blown away by this high-impact content.

Effects You'll Learn:

  • Floating Candy/Lifesaver
  • Hover-Ring
  • Haunted Pack
  • Floating Bill
  • Magnetic Bill
  • Bonus PK Touches

The Tarantula II can produce real magic anytime, anywhere, and in any light condition. You can operate completely hands-free without having to wear any special jewelry or clothing. The magic happens right under the spectator's nose and you can perform completely surrounded.

This unique device is easy to master and will give you endless possibilities for your ITR magic.

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    Penguin Magic User

    Tarantula 2 is awesome!!

    The release took a while but the wait was worth it!! I really liked Tarantula 2 and it is everything I was expecting. There isn't a DVD but a link to see the explanations. The effects are well explained by Yigal and I think that they are clear enough for those who have some experience working with IT. The IT is surprisingly thin and strong and difficult to see, of course in the good conditions (like every IT). The battery duration is good, and a charging cable is included in the box. I don't know if it's normal but my battery moves a little bit, like if it wasn't glued enough but well thats not a big issue but I though relevant to mention. If the IT breaks is really easy to put it back. Talking about the "hands free" is doable but there is a small issue that I'll explained bellow. So why 4 stars? Well there are a few factors: - The motor is fast enough but not that strong, you can lift a bill but not a bicycle card. - You canot download the tutorial from Yigal's website - These two first factors are important but "I can live with that" I put 4 stars essentially because of the "lock button". I don't know if I am the only one to have some problems whit it. In my opinion, the "lock button" is not actually a "lock button" since you have to keep pressing with the finger all the time to lock the IT, giving the hand an unnatural look, since you need a lot of strength to do it!! So I use other ways to lock the IT with my fingers to prevent that. That of course is a problem for the hands free part because once you are in your set up and you put the device in (secret part) as explained "there is not a hand there to lock the IT" so the object must be heavy enough to prevent the IT to return to the device. So there is a small problem while levitating light objects with the hands free configuration. Besides this last point, Tarantula 2 is perfect, is a practical device to work with IT, I loved it and I think that is absolutely worth it. I totally recommend this product to those who have some experience and love working with IT. It is practical as well for beginners but i recommend first to get used to classic IT work to avoid breaking the IT with the Tarantula 2 and buying a lot of spools :P Jose R. Ecuadorian magician

    Penguin Magic User

    Tarantula II, Great Improvements!

    I'm a semi-pro magician, but I don't do too much IT work. That is, until now! Every once in a while I'll use the UFO Whirling Card, and then I once tried a BOSS ITR and quickly got rid of it. Then, I saw the trailer for Tarantula II!!! It looked amazing! I pre-ordered it back in April 2017 and I just received it yesterday! There is no DVD, but it comes with an online video link and code. I immediately watched it before I handled the gimmick. The video does a decent job explaining things, although I wish there was more content and better video angles as to see the handling of the gimmick during performance better. It's about 30 min long. As far as the gimmick goes, it is very well made and I love that it has a rechargeable battery! The motor is completely silent and does not vibrate! If I hadn't been told, I would have never thought there was a motor in there! Once I took it out of the box, I couldn't believe how easy it was to use! I think I might even buy a second one just to have! I will definitely be adding Tarantula II to my close-up gigs and I even have some ideas on how I could use it for stage performances! Tarantula 2.0 is a must if you're actively performing! -Magician Jason Fun

    Penguin Magic User

    Exeeded my Expectations

    Absolutely great. I've only played around with it for a day and I've come up with so much things you can do with this. You can perform the floating bill on the same day you receive your Tarantula 2 because it's just so easy yet so astonishing. But other tricks do require some practice. Although Yigal gives you a generous amount of IT and wax, I'd still recommend getting extra wax and Spider Thread along with this because in a week you'll need to buy it anyway. Here are the links for the products mentioned above: Mesika Wax - Spider Thread - I'm very statisfied with the product. I have never done anything with IT reels until now. This is perfect for hobbyists and professionals. Highly recommend this.

    Penguin Magic User


    I am getting this product 1 * because it is not described accurately in the description. I already own the first tarantula. I purchased tarantula 2 because it was described as "hands-free". It works very well and is made of good material but they should not have to lie to you in order to sell their product. It is NOT hands-free. Tarantula to is exactly the same size and shape as the first tarantula. You hold it in your hand exactly the same way as you do with first tarantula.

    Penguin Magic User

    Tarantula 2

    I am having to fix this device and his over simplistic video does not come close in fixing this reel. 1. Trying to locate the end of the thread is problematic and 2. How to the thread the spool through the slots is not clear at all from his video As it stands, I have his device sitting on my desk ( not working) and I am upset over this.

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