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The 52 to 1 Deck

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The 52 to 1 Deck by Wayne Fox and David Penn

The 52 to 1 Deck has been hailed by leading performers, creators, and scholars in the magic community as the cleanest thought-of card routine EVER! Leading mentalists at Magic Live such as Ran Pink, Chris Funk, and Bobby Motta could not believe what they were seeing. 

Many effects are possible with the custom-made 52 to 1 Deck including:

  • You spread the deck clearly, showing that every card is completely different. A spectator thinks of a card. They never tell you their card and yet they cut the deck themselves, right at their chosen card!
  • After showing that the cards are clearly all different, two spectators are invited to each think of a card. Without them ever telling you their cards, you simply remove two cards from the deck and place them on their outstretched palms. You nail their selections every single time!
  • In a cabaret or stage routine, spectators are invited to look at multiple cards in a ribbon spread. Even though all the cards are completely different, every single one of the thought-of cards is identified by the performer. No elastic bands! No restrictive handling. This is a version of the tossed-out deck that you will use!
  • Use The 52 to 1 Deck to prove that you can memorize a deck of cards within seconds! After someone names a card, you will instantly be able to tell them the exact position in the deck and dead cut to it perfectly. This is also instantly repeatable.

We are proud to say that this custom-made deck has been printed on Bicycle Stock with Rider Backs!

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    Marco P.
    Canada Canada
    Mind bending

    Stellar deck! Mind bending! A must have. Immediate repeat. It can fool professional in this business

    Penguin M.

    This is from a 75 year-old serious amateur who has been practicing our skills for 40 years. This trick may be good but the tutorial video was produced by 3rd graders. More time is spent focusing on the banter between the two magicians than focusing on how to perform the trick. This is one of the worst training videos I have seen from Penguin and am very disappointed in their representation of this trick. Penguin, I have been a fan of yours for years but why, why oh why, did you let this one slip through. Perhaps you don’t care about you more senior fans.

    Penguin M.
    Does not work for spectator

    This does not a 100% accuracy when it comes to the spectator cutting, there is actually a decent chance it will miss and if does there is no outs or nothing you can do. This is not stated in the ad copy as, as by the ad it creates the impression that when the spectator cuts, it will work 100%, when in reality it's more like 60%. I'm very disappointed in this product.

    Penguin M.
    So so good

    This trick is the best mentalism trick using cards out there without a shadow of a doubt. What you see in the video is literally what you get. You really notice how proud Wayne is to have created this product himself because it really is truely ingenious. As well as the deck they give you a few other routines that if performed correctly are just as good as the original if not better? Overall good explanation, great product and amazing reactions! Highly recommended

    Penguin M.
    Goodbye Invisible Deck!!!

    This is not only mine, but many many magicians #1 choice of gimmicked deck to use if you could choose one trick to do. I wrote a review more in detail and dont know if it was posted however I wanted to write an update as i was having some difficulty before getting the cards to cut every time it was always a struggle for a month having this 50 % of the time. However; after talking with some people in the magic communities on Facebook, we all thought of an AMAZINGLY - EASY - EFFORTLESSLY way to do AS YOU SEE in the trailer, 100% of the time, ALWAYS cutting to their card. I am a huge skeptic with force things like this, though that wasn't my concern as i did perform it once and the reaction was insane nothing like i thought - and i add my own haunted bizarre patter into the 52-1 as personally it is not enough patter, too fast for something so magical, and I love haunted themes, story telling etc. So I incorporated a great routine with this. Cutting to the card has never been easier and you ALWAYS hit it, there is no more worries about reviews, people saying you don't always hit it and I was one of those people actually trying to comment on others reviews to seek support ; though facebook came in strong. If you are having trouble and you DO own this, having trouble with cutting to the card every time because of the "method" and maybe it is 50/50 or most of the time and sometimes it doesn't pick up right - feel free to shoot me an email at with a screen shot of your Penguin Magic order proof of purchase and I would be happy to share the resolution to the method (which doesn't change the method) just adds a tiny tiny step that you can do in seconds and never have to do it again until you get rid of the cards from worn out use like any deck. I know what its's like to have something for so long and have the unpredictability, now I am having spectators cut their own card like you see in the tailer is what you get. Some people have zero problems and that is because they are probably very experienced with the method and know how to alter the secret though It is very self explanatory, and with my little adjustment you'll be amazed at how small of a touch up can make this effortless forever. I can't picture myself taking my invisible deck around with me everywhere anymore. It is of course one of the greats but this is just much far superior and you can do it walking by someone in the store, on the street in a flourish it doesn't have to be on a table.. + my haunted routine included I made personally freaks the **** out of people. It's all about presentation :) Hopes this helps! Buy / Pre order today! This will keep selling out. It is that good and I personally hate gimmicked decks to carry around, but if you carry an invisible deck , i think you'll be keeping that one in your case at home while the new 52-1 is now in your pocket ready to rock! Stay Magical, = Andrew P.S. If you are interested in touching up the solution to picking up the cut or the spectator doing it 100% of the time effortlessly, pure magic and do reach out to me - I will likely send you a video clip of what to do and how this idea came about - also so you can make extra cards at home to have on you if you truly wanted to though it isn't necessary as this will last a good long time :) A.A

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