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The 52 to 1 Deck

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The 52 to 1 Deck by Wayne Fox and David Penn

The 52 to 1 Deck has been hailed by leading performers, creators, and scholars in the magic community as the cleanest thought-of card routine EVER! Leading mentalists at Magic Live such as Ran Pink, Chris Funk, and Bobby Motta could not believe what they were seeing. 

Many effects are possible with the custom-made 52 to 1 Deck including:

  • You spread the deck clearly, showing that every card is completely different. A spectator thinks of a card. They never tell you their card and yet they cut the deck themselves, right at their chosen card!
  • After showing that the cards are clearly all different, two spectators are invited to each think of a card. Without them ever telling you their cards, you simply remove two cards from the deck and place them on their outstretched palms. You nail their selections every single time!
  • In a cabaret or stage routine, spectators are invited to look at multiple cards in a ribbon spread. Even though all the cards are completely different, every single one of the thought-of cards is identified by the performer. No elastic bands! No restrictive handling. This is a version of the tossed-out deck that you will use!
  • Use The 52 to 1 Deck to prove that you can memorize a deck of cards within seconds! After someone names a card, you will instantly be able to tell them the exact position in the deck and dead cut to it perfectly. This is also instantly repeatable.

We are proud to say that this custom-made deck has been printed on Bicycle Stock with Rider Backs!

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    Marco P.
    Canada Canada
    Mind bending

    Stellar deck! Mind bending! A must have. Immediate repeat. It can fool professional in this business

    Penguin M.
    A true worker, fair and FANTASTIC !

    The 52-1 is brilliant. Wayne and Dave are great in the instructions, the deck is well made - similar to other ways the deck is created. I have to say with my learning disabilities I had a hard time understanding how to do this properly as it doesn't use the most "beginner" way of doing this so it can be balsy if you make it that way, however I wouldn't say this is only for intermediate/ advanced magicians as for me, the method was a beginner status and I am performing it now beautifully. This is a masterpiece and I honestly did not think I was going to get people to be as fooled as you see in the trailer, but once I did it to someone they dropped the deck - good thing! haha I highly recommend this to all people interested in the trailer. Don't hesitate and don't wait as I was lucky to preorder the first batch - and made it just in time! Pre order yours today so you make sure you get the next shipment! The support on Facebook is Excellent and I am sure if you contact Wayne/ David they would be happy to help out, though the video speaks for itself. I only struggled with the method (Not the patter, the patter is easy and you can make it your own) But the method of how you see the miracles happen in the video because it was a new concept to me so I am not going to bump a star down just because of my learning curve. I am glad I stuck through it and will keep practicing it, this is something you will keep with you everywhere as the last time i got a reaction with a magic item like this was double cross. They might be a perfect combination! Hope this helps you on your decision. Do the right thing.. BUY IT NOW :) - Andrew

    Penguin M.

    Was impressed with the idea of a (forced) thought of card. But it's not 100%. It's worth buying for the deck only. But when you find out the method *sigh. Not a truly freely thought of card.

    Penguin M.
    Mind Blower!

    This is good! An interesting application of a very old principle being applied to create an absolutely mind-screw of a trick!.....Yep, gotta practice a bit but it will be well worth your time. No crazy handling or anything like that. If you are a card person, mentalist, whatever, get this!

    Penguin M.
    My favorite release of the year!

    This is such an amazing routine! Wayne and David have put a lot of hard work Into it. What you see on the trailer is exactly what you get. The bonus effect is my favorite. It’s a tossed out deck style routine that’s ultra fair. Buy this now!

    Step Into The Spotlight