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TRU by Menny Lindenfeld

  • From the creative mind of Menny Lindenfeld comes the most POWERFUL & VISUALLY STUNNING rubber band penetration effect you'll ever perform!

    A rubber band is wrapped around your forefinger. And while it's being stretched out, the rubber band literally PASSES THROUGH the center of your forefinger and LINKS ITSELF onto your middle finger. The effect is so visually stunning, IT LOOKS LIKE A CAMERA TRICK!

    Your fingers are open and fully exposed throughout the entire performance. The rubber band continues its magical journey, VISIBLY PENETRATING from one finger to the next. Making each phase gradually look more VISUALLY AMAZING than the previous.

    Finish this incredible effect with a BIG ending. Imagine the spectator's reaction, when you cause the rubber band on your finger, to VISIBLY PASS THROUGH and PENETRATE HIS OWN FINGER.

    Perform TRU in any impromptu situation. With your fingers fully exposed throughout the entire routine. It's 360° angle-proof and can be watched from any angle. Each phase of TRU can be performed as a stand-alone effect. Or combined into a multi-phase routine.

    In the tutorial, Menny Lindenfeld will teach you:

    • FIVE (X5) original TRU methods.
    • To perform with your hand palm up & down.
    • Cause rubber band to penetrate through spectator's finger.
    • Method variations & full routine.
    • TRU variation with heavy-duty rubber bands.
    • TRU variation with borrowed elastic hair-bands.
    • TRU variation with borrowed earphones.


    • "Yes, this is a refinement and elaboration of a simple children’s trick, but it is extremely well thought out and raises a stunt to the place where miracles live." -David Regal
    • "OH WOW! Menny, this is wonderful! It looks so good. I have no clue. I tried and can't figure it out. What a great and visual effect. I can't wait to learn this!" - Joe Rindfleisch
    • "It's a startling and beautiful effect. I love the version where it penetrates onto the spectator's finger! So visually amazing!" - Dan Harlan
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Penguin M.
Very Visual

Best rubber band *********** trick so far. All of the set ups are very natural and seem to go unnoticed by the spectator. The video and teaching are very well done. The only negative is that it will not show up in your Penguin magic collection. You have to go to another website and keep track of a password, very disappointing.

Penguin M.
Cool but....

The trick is cool and really fun to see but the video explains not even the half of what we see on the video promo really disappointed I have to find alone how to do it with the hand of the viewer

Penguin M.
Woooow incredible

Very very cooooool trick and very visual . menny Lindenfeld is the best.

Penguin M.
Most incredible rubber band trick I have ever seen!

Nuff said, this is by far the best rubber band trick I have ever seen. Best of the best. Video and instructions are very clear. Highly recommend if you love rubber band magic!

Penguin M.
So Genius!

When I saw the trailer I know that this effect is a must for rubber band magicians! even the rubber band gods Joe Rindlfeisch and Dan Harlan loved it! now this effect is my closure for my rubber band routines!

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