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Twister Flavor


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Twister Flavor by Snake and Tumi Magic

So magical it looks like a camera trick - but it's real!

Twister Flavor creates a fun and exciting transformation for your spectators. Surprise them when they see your gum and magically BOOM!!! It's become another brand of gum and flavor.

An impressive visual moment that happens in a BLINK - its method is very easy.

The gimmick is of excellent quality. We also explain how to repair it if it gets damaged.

3 incredible effects that will surprise your entire audience.

Includes gimmick ready to use plus explanatory video. All this in an elegant box where you can store your Twister Flavor for added protection.

Twister Flavor can be used by everyone, from an amateur to a professional. The magic angle is 270 degrees.

Two versions: Trident and Chiclets


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    Penguin Magic User

    This is very good

    I’m pleased with this purchase. It’s a stunner for any audience. Easy to learn! The instructions are fine, although the audio is in Spanish, the English subtitles are easily understood. Just a few minutes of practice and you’re good to go. My ONLY “complaint” is actually just a wish... that this was made of a more durable material. Even so, with minimal care, this should last. It’s good enough that I’m considering a backup!

    Penguin Magic User

    Looks Like a Camera Trick-But It's Not!

    Twister Flavor is a great routine where two packages of gum become one or the opposite, one package turns into two separate stick type packages of chewing gum. The method is very clever and the visuals are FANTASTIC! The video instructions come with English subtitles but are very clear to understand. There are even teachings on how to repair your gimmicks if they start to break after many uses. The quality is very good and the packaging looks like the genuine articles you would buy from a store. Lots of fun to play with! Highly recommended!

    Penguin Magic User

    An addition to my other review

    Stars stay the same but another reason why is because this trick doesn’t even show up in your penguin library so you can’t even discuss different ideas and handling on the product. I always look forward to those and it’s always disappointing when it doesn’t show up in your library.

    Penguin Magic User

    Good for camera

    Received this last week. I love the illusion and if i was gonna do this for camera I'd give it 5 stars. However for walkaround or even as a hobbyist i have to give it 3 stars. It doesnt lineup properly,its Very easy to flash especially going from 1 pack to the 2. Again a cool illusion but theres a reason for No real world perfomances

    Penguin Magic User

    Worth Every Penny!!!

    Listen Everyone this trick is very well made and it is very durable. For the people that are saying that "Oh I can't stand the download because it is in Spanish with subtitles" Please grow up!!! I mean this trick is probably one of the greatest close-up tricks that has come out in the past 10 years!!! Stop your ******** and realize on how great this is!!!

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