Skill Level: Intermediate



Venom by Magie Factory

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Venom is the most versatile levitation system of all time.

It took 2 years and more than 10 prototypes to create this amazing levitation system. Reliable, quick resets and packed with possibilities. You'll be able to perform visible miracles with invisible thread.

100% Mechanical ITR means no dead batteries and no charging! Hand crafted from aluminum by master craftsman in France.

Venom contains not one, but TWO ITR units to push your ITR magic to the next level with brand new concepts and effects. While it comes loaded with IT, you can substitute your own if you prefer.

You'll be able to:

  • Float borrowed items
  • Move objects without touching them
  • Vanish or produce coins, rings and other small objects.
What you Get:
  • 2 x Venom ITR's
  • 1 Customization accessory
  • Over an hour of online video training
Venom has been designed to allow quick adjustments:
  • Almost instant Reset
  • Set the tension of the IT
  • Set the stretch length

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